As Response to the “Genocide” Lies of the US: Let’s Seize the Incirlik Air Base!

The US military base and soldiers have no place in our land. The US troops must be expelled from Incirlik base immediately.

As Response to the “Genocide” Lies of the US

Let’s Seize the Incirlik Air Base!


The US President Joe Biden has declared that the United States of America recognizes the 1915 events as "Armenian Genocide" as of today. This decision is null and void! The so-called Armenian genocide is an imperialist lie. It has neither legal validity and nor historical basis.


Joe Biden has made a decision that goes beyond the so-called genocide debates that come up every April 24th. This decision shows that the US is now in a new stage in the siege plans for Turkey. The so-called Genocide Decision is the first bullet they fired. Biden has taken the first step of the new Crusade to be waged against Anatolia and Asia.


April 24 is not the anniversary of the so-called Armenian Genocide, but the anniversary of the imperialist attacks on our homeland in Çanakkale. April 24 is the day that those who pointed their weapons towards us, smear their lies on us too. We are strong enough a nation to put their lies and barrels on their heads. Because we are on the side of the right.


No state in the world, especially the US state, which is the biggest mass murderer of the whole world, can declare the Turkish nation as genocider and make us kneel! Every member of the Turkish nation, everyone who respects international law, will trample down this illegal decision.


There are great struggles and airtight court judgments behind us. The victory won by Vatan Party Chairman Dr. Doğu Perinçek at the ECHR has ended this debate for certain. The results are clear enough for anyone to understand:


Genocide is a legal definition. It can only be declared by court decisions.


There is no court decision ruling the 1915 Events. According to the UN Convention, the competent courts are The Hague Court of Justice and the local courts where the alleged crime was committed.


The ECHR has ruled that the Jewish Genocide and the 1915 Events cannot be evaluated in the same category. With this decision, the ECHR has determined that the 1915 Events cannot be described as "genocide".


Turkey is absolutely the right side both in historical and legal terms. We did not commit genocide, we defended our homeland. We proved our rightfulness to the whole world at the ECHR. Turkey must determine the position which she in and reveal the correct answers undoubtingly against the attacks.


It is unacceptable that government officials not to highlight the court decision while even UN spokesman accept the thesis of Turkey as a result of Perinçek v. Switzerland case. This is not an issue that can be ignored as "slander" or "let it be left to historians". The ones who making statement in a low voice with various reservations do the greatest harm to Turkey.


We call out to the government! Be brave! The Turkish Nation will not bow down and kneel in front of the US imperialists! We are the children of a nation that started the Turkish National Anthem as "Do not be afraid!". Turkey is a powerful state, but the ones do not stand tall against the US, breaks the power of Turkey.


The response to the attacks of the United States that trying to siege Turkey with obvious attempts must be with action not with the words. Threats are serious, so Turkey's response must be serious too.


Turkey must use the ECHR decision as a weapon. It must be cooperated immediately with neighboring countries against the US threats. It must be advanced on the PKK in cooperation with Syria. It must be responded to the US threat in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea by cooperating with Russia. The political arm of the PKK, HDP, which stands by the Genocide Lies, must be closed. Turkey needs to take strong steps to introduce the TRNC. It is clear that we will win many victories on these fronts. Those victories will strike the last blows that will defeat the imperialist activities of the US in our region.


Turkey and all the rulers of the Turkish nation, must act according to the fact that we are at war with the United States of America. It will result nothing that the USA has recognized the events of 1915 as genocide. But it will result heavily if Turkey takes over the Incirlik air base.


The US military base and soldiers have no place in our land. The US troops must be expelled from Incirlik base immediately. Let’s seize Incirlik and make America get out of our lands!


These hostile attacks can only be repulsed with this courage, self-confidence and determination.


The Turkish nation and the Turkish youth will be tightly united behind this will.


We respectfully announce to the public.

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