Latin American nations are taking firm steps towards breaking the chains of imperialism after 200 years of struggle.


 The USA has been viewing Latin America as its backyard since the Monroe Doctrine that is accepted by the American congress in 1823. For decades, any independentist and anti-American movements have been oppressed by the American interference in the continent that is under the US exploitation and oppression. On the other hand, those revolutionary states who succeeded and stood against the US are struggling with poverty caused by the embargos of the US. Thus, the US is showing a great effort to arrange coups in those states to control them again.
    But the US failed in Eastern Mediterranian, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Blacksea, Pacific, and the Arctic. The US is on the edge of being kicked out from its “Backyard” in consequence of its defeats all around the globe, especially in our region.
     The Latin American nations who have been fighting against imperialism for over 200 years, just like us, are standing up to destroy US dominance. 
      The people are fighting against US imperialism all around the continent.
       A new wave of revolutions is being born.

The Pro-US Government In Colombia Is Getting Shattered
Nowadays, the biggest public movement is occurring in Colombia. There have been civil strifes, terror acts, and conflicts in the state governed by the pro-American leader Ivan Duque.
 Along with the unsteadiness, the bad governing done by the pro-US government the Colombian economy is in a bad place, the people are on the doorsteps of poverty. Moreover, social inequality and injustice are on the rise. When the coronavirus pandemic occurred, everything got worse.
    On the other hand, pro-American Duque furthermore enhanced the relationships with the US after Biden was elected for president. And with the US on his side, raised the taxes to solve the economical problems. By the resolution proposed to the congress by Duque, there is going to be new taxes for a variety of products, food being in the first place. With this resolution, the Government aims to levy 6.8 billion dollars from the people by taxation. Moreover, the minimum wage, which is being 250 dollars, is going to get lower to 200 dollars.
      Since the day of the proposition of the resolution, 28 of April, there has been a call for national protest by a variety of student groups and syndicates. Thus, extensional protests have begun. Duque ordered the army to interfere on the first of may against the protest that encompassed the whole state. But even the brutal intervention wasn’t enough to stop the protests, on 2 of May the government temporarily withdrew the resolution. Nevertheless, the protests that are attained by millions of people, continued. The people demand, along with the withdrawal of the resolution, the resignation of Duque, giving up the pro-American policies, radical solutions in order the increase the income level, and the solution of social injustice. 
     In the later on of these protests, the national exchequer resigned on the 4th of May. There wasn’t an agreement during the meeting between the government and the protest committee, thus, the protests restarted on 13 May. On the same day, the foreign secretary resigned. 51 people died during the protests which continued for a month. More recently the committee of protest declared that they are not going to leave the streets until their demands are met. Moreover, they called for grand protests for 25-26 May.

Fabulous Luna Is Returning In Brazil
In Brazil, extreme rightist and a strict pro-American Jair Bolsonaro has been in power since 2018 in consequence of the setup supported by the Atlantic, similar to the Ergenekon Setup, against the former president Luna, who has a laborer origin. Recently, Bolsonaro is on the target of hard criticisms because of the statements that divide the people, neoliberal and extremely pro-US policies. 
Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, Bolsonaro has failed. Brazil is one of the lead states in terms of the most coronavirus cases. The total number of deaths is over 400.000. As the consequence of decreased prosperity caused by the neoliberal policies, it seems impossible for Bolsonaro to win the 2022 elections. The strongest opponent for Bolsonaro is Luna, who is a legend among the people. Luna who is an anti-imperialist and revolutionary leader has been the president of Brazil between 2003 to 2010 as the head of the Labour Party. Even as nowadays surveys show, Luna is the most liked person in the history of Brazil. 
   To prevent Luna from participating in the elections, he was jailed by a prosecutor, who is connected to the deep US government. Similar to Zekeriya Öz. Luna was deprived of his political rights, Therefore current president Bolsonaro was elected. But because the accusings didn’t get proven, and also the reaction of the people, he was discharged in 2019. Thus, he acquired his political rights again on 9 March 2019. Brazilian legend, revolutionary leader Lula da Silva seems like the favorite candidate despite the US and Bolsonaro. 

Coup Against The US In Bolivia
Evo Morales is a legendary leader, who has an image of the Bolivian people similar to what Luna has of the Brazilian people. Evo Morales ruled Bolivia for 13 years, between 2006-2019, against the American oppression and embargos. In the elections that were held on 20 October, 2019 Morales was once again selected. Alas, the US has interfered with the elections, and the pro-US junta organized a coupon on 20 October 2019. With the coup, US puppet Jeanine Anez was placed as the president. 
But the Bolivian people who didn’t bow before the US filled the streets and started a protest against the coup that would last for two years. Anez, the pawn of the US, who couldn’t cope with the protesters, interfered with the pro-Morales people and caused tens of deaths. But Bolivia didn’t give up, and in the elections, on 19 October 2020, the candidate of MAS Luis Arce, who is the successor of Morales, was elected with 55%. Afterward, the putschists were imprisoned, starting with the US puppet Anez. Thus in Bolivia, a series of defeats have started for the US.

The Failure Of Neoliberalism In Ecuador And Chili
Ecuador and Shili were shaking with huge public protests in October and November 2019. In Ecuador, the protests started against the Pro-US president Lenin Mareno, who pursued neoliberal economic policies and signed deals with the IMF that leads the country into a debt spiral. 
The protests were so intense, the government had to move the congress building. After the failure of the interference of the army, Mareno had to withdraw from the agreements with the IMF. In this year's elections, Guilerme Lasso, a pro-US candidate, was once again elected. Even so, despite all the defamation and propaganda against the revolutionary candidate Andres Arouz, managed to get 47% of the votes. On the other hand, the reactions to Lasso, who is continuing to pursue Mareno’s neoliberal policies, are getting stronger. 
    At the same time with these events, there were huge uprisings in Shili. In 1973, with the coup done by pro-US Pinochet, a national hero of Shili, socialist leader Allendre was overthrown. Thus with the effects of the oppressive and oligarchical government formed by the coup, a revolutionary government couldn’t be formed ever since. The protests that started in the Fall of 2019, wrapped the country all over, moreover once again military interference failed and the secretary of the interior Pinera, who was a close guard of the putschist Pinochet, was forced to resign. 
   In the brutal events, thousands of Chilians were injured, and 34 of them were killed. Nevertheless, by the dedicated movement of the Chilian people, the government stepped back and a referendum for a new constitution was held. Therefore after the overthrown of Allendre in 1973, the people of Chili won a concrete victory against the putschists. On 16 May 2021, an election was held for the members of the congress that will rewrite the constitution in Chili. The rightist coalition that is supported by pro-US, and millionaire president Pinera managed to only get 39 seats from the congress that has 155 seats. On the other hand, The majority of seats were taken by leftist candidates that advocate left neoliberal policies and return public policies. The pro-US government had a great defeat in Chili. In the municipal elections that were held on the same day, the candidate of The Communist Party has won the Capital city Santiago. With these results on hand, it seems impossible for Pinera to get reelected in the elections that will be held on 21 of November. Neoliberalism collapses in Chili, the first state it was put into practice in Latin America.
Not The Backyard Of The US, But The Front Of Humanity
While huge protests were happening to overthrown the pro-US government in Colombia, the US couldn’t do anything to save its pawn. 
The US, which declared itself as the police of the world after the end of the Cold War, is getting kicked out of Latin America, a place that it sees as its Backyard.
The nations of Latin America are determinedly walking toward the breakage of the chains of imperialism after the struggle that lasted for over 200 years.
While the states like Turkey, Iran, Syria, China are putting an end to the US hegemony in Eurasia, The nations of Latin America are fighting with heart and soul to destroy US imperialism. 
The souls of Bolivars, Chavezes, Allendelerins, Castros are getting reborn in Latin America.
Turkey Youth Union 
The Chairman of the Table of Latin America of the Office of International Relations 
Anıl Işık

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