The “Working Youth, Producing Turkey” Congress has been gathered in Hacettepe University, Ankara, with 1500 young participants.



The “Working Youth, Producing Turkey” Congress has been gathered in Hacettepe University, Ankara, with 1500 young participants, on a call by 62 university student clubs under the leadership of Youth Union of Turkey (TGB). Turkish Minister for Youth and Sport Mehmet Kasapoğlu has sent a message to the congress and celebrated the organization. Vatan Party Chairman Dr. Doğu Perinçek has been in the council board and addressed to the youth. In the congress, the survey results of the broad research run by organizing clubs have been shared. At the end of the congress, TGB President Dilek Çınar read the final declaration in 9 points as the common decision of Turkish Youth.


Here is the full text of the final declaration:

1.We want to work. A country's young population is its greatest advantage. As a qualified workforce, we are ready to work with compasses and rulers in our hands; we are ready to work on workbenches and take digger and shovel in our hands as well. As Turkish youth, we will work for the welfare of our state and nation. If the youth works, Turkey gains!

2. We want to produce. Today's millions of unemployed youth are the producers of tomorrow. Turkey's heroes are not those who sell dreams, but those who produce. Youth is inventive. Youth is full of energy. Youth is strong. With these superiorities, we are the torch of Producing Turkey. As long as there is employment. As long as there are more job opportunities for the youth. We will run to the factory, run to the field, run to the workbench, run to the laboratory. We are ready to devote ourselves to production for our homeland.

3. We want investment and employment. The salvation of the Turkish economy is in savings, investment, employment and production. We want investments that will pave the way for Turkish youth to work. We aspire to the jobs that will be provided with those investments. We are ready to bring yield to livelihoods, new factories, and fields to be planted.

4. We want to discover our talents. The fertile lands of Anatolia and Thrace are the fountain of virtuous and talented people. Turkey has also buried the wealth of its human resources by detaching from production economy. We want to discover our great advantages at early ages and bring them into production, science, art, sports and culture.

5. We want tuition-free education. The fact that education and training is tuition-free at every stage will encourage us and increase our performance and productivity. We want free education, culture and sports services from kindergarten-age to college-age for smart, agile and moral youth.

6. We want to get rid of our student (KYK) debts! We do not want to be begin the life with the burden of debt. We do not want to work for the growing debts and interest. Student debts shall be removed. Youth shall not work for paying interests. Let us run to the production processes with peace of mind.

7. We will not allow drugs. We are Turkish youth. Global masters can not drag us into a drug swamp! We will not allow them to detach us from production and life by way of drugs. We will end all kinds of drugs with our brave mothers, and state-nation mobilization over drugs.

8. We are not afraid of threats! Those who turn their barrels to Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean should be afraid of the Turkish army and Turkish youth. We know that the road to a fully independent and productive Turkey is full of challenges. We lean our backs on Turkey's bicentennial legacy of revolution, the heritage of empires. Youth is at the forefront in our Second War of Independence and the War of Economic Liberation.

9. We will be the pioneer of the Rising Asian Civilization. A new world is being created. Our world is getting younger. The flag of humanity, publicism, production and all human values ​​is rising from Asia. As the youth of the Asian Turkish nation, we challenge the degenerated, individualist, alienated, decayed and collapsed Atlantic system and culture!

Our eyes on the horizon!

We are standing beyon reproach,

We keep our heads up!

Our eyes shine with joy, and we are coming.

We come with the love of work in our hearts!

We are running with the excitement of a Producing Turkey!

We are hopeful, we are determined.

We are optimistic, we will not surrender to pessimism. We have bright futures ahead of us.

We are enthusiastic. We are ready to give our effort with the desire to work and the love of production.

If we came out of Mount Ergenekon by melting and breaking the stones under the leadership of a blacksmith, we will now overcome these difficulties. We will write a new Ergenekon Epic.

The producing Turkey epic is coming.

We are the fire, hope and future of Producing Turkey!

Ataturk youth on the duty!

Let’s assume duty for Working Youth, Producing Turkey!


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