Turkish and Belarusian youth: 'We'll make it as Atatürk did'

Turkish and Belarusian youth: 'We'll make it as Atatürk did'

The delegation of the Youth Union of Türkiye (TGB), Vatan (Patriotic) Party Vanguard Youth, and the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM) of the Ministry of National Education met in Minsk on December 23-26. The trilateral memorandum on principled cooperation and practical partnership in the subjects of education, culture, science, politics, trade, and humanitarian relations was signed by the delegates.

The Parties held the diplomatic dialogue meeting in the BRSM Headquarters and the youth forum in the Belarus State University (BSU).

According to the program, the Turkish youth delegation visited the places as follows:

the Museum of the BRSM and Komsomol Movement,

the national youth radio Pilot FM,

the Museum of Modern Belarus Statehood,

the Belarusian Student Village Complex,

the Belarusian Youth Center,

the Belarusian International Alumni Association,

the Association of Solidarity and Volunteers,

the Monument Cemetery and Museum Complex of Khatyn Village,

the Museum of Earth Sciences in the BSU Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics,

the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War.

The program was covered by the Aydınlık Newspaper (Türkiye) and the Ulusal Channel (Türkiye), as well as Belarus-1, Belta, Zviazda and other media outlets affiliated with the National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus (TVR).

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