We address to those who try to disorder our country over the events at Bogazici University

Our great nation,

As Youth Union of Turkey (TGB), we are at the famous gates of Turkey's oldest university.

We address to those who try to disorder our country over the events at Bogazici University, and those who are alien to the notions of independence, patriotism and values of the society. The anti-Turkey statements made by the USA and the West from beyond the ocean has no value as a crowing of a rooster. However, it is imperative to give the necessary response to those who hope to benefit from American plans by covering the justified demands of our universities.

Bogazici students are right to ask the rectors to come by election. Not only Bogazici University, but all universities of Turkey should determine their rector by election. This is the essential and genuine solution.

However, the issues of those who shout, "murderer police", those who laid the Kaaba photograph to the ground the, "the trustee rector" slogans which is for being in solidarity with HDP mayors who have been dismissed due to their terrorism ties, those who kick the police cars, those who wave the LGBTI flags, and those who are affiliated with the terrorist organization, have nothing to do with the election of rectors. Their street calls and all they do is within the boundaries of Biden’s intervention plan to Turkey and in order to save the PKK and FETO. It is time to defeat the US-based attempts at sedition and corruption. It's time to take off their masks.

No problem in Turkey can be solved by building a front with the PKK and HDP.
There is no struggle for democracy and freedom that can be fought alongside with the PKK and HDP. HDP itself is the problem facing the struggle for democracy and freedom. Those who try to stand for the homeland separatists and the US pawn terrorists are in error, misguided and even treason. When we raised the universities for our Mehmetcik (the Turkish soldier), these "student friends" were not with us. While the patriotic youth struggled with the PKK's university organizations, these "freedom fighters" did not appear. Because their concern is not student, university, independence or freedom.

CHP is attempting to establish a so-called Democratic University front with the PKK and HDP. The only front they will establish is the BIDEN front.

The demands of Turkish youth are:
We do not want the PKK on the street.
We do not want the PKK in the parliament.
We do not want PKK on mountains, plains, slopes and UNIVERSITIES.

Turkish youth does not trample the values of society. Those who know the USA as their qibla would not have a Kaaba nor nation, homeland, and university. The attitude that puts the Kaaba to the ground is not the attitude of Turkish youth or university students. This provocation, however, serves to create a climate of chaos and confusion plans of the West in Turkey. As TGB, we condemn this action with determination.
Turkish youth do not unite under the LGBT banner that the USA feeds on millions of dollars. The LGBT flag is the flag of global capital. It is the symbol of decay. Turkish youth march under the Turkish flag, Turkish youth unite under the Turkish flag, Turkish youth raise the Turkish flag to the sky. Under the Turkish flag, nobody can put the Kaaba to the ground, no one can provoke, and no separatist can stay under that flag. Those who shake the rags produced by imperialism to divide nations into identities can neither represent the Turkish youth nor the Turkish Nation.

Friend! Leave not your homeland to the hands of the villainous! Turkish youth does not leave his homeland to the hands of the villainous. Bogazici cannot be an appetizer for the American plans or a shield for the HDP. Your worst enemies are those who seem to defend you the most. They are the ones who conceal insidiously the true intentions of the enemies. The United States that smeared the world with blood, raining bombs on the oppressed nations is trying to give a democracy lesson to Turkey and reaching its hand to our university. Does not that make you angry? Is it the reason for Biden’s involvement in this matter his love of Bogazici University?

The slogan of "trustee rector" and "we are against all trustees" is the HDP's slogan. It helps the despair of the terror party HDP, which would be closed in three or five months. It is the slogan that deflects actions, marginalizes them, shifts the ground. Under this slogan, no just demands can be defended, no success can be achieved, and Turkish youth or the Turkish nation cannot unite under this slogan.

Turkish army, Turkish police are the pride of Turkish youth. Turkish youth put their brave fighters against terrorism and protect their homeland above all else. The opposition against the police that is tried to be created has no chance of success. We stand with our police officers who fight against the terrorist organizations bravely, not those who kick the police or call them murderers.

The fact that 79 of the 101 people detained in the protests are affiliated with terrorist organizations such as DHKP-C and TKP-ML, and the vast majority of them are not students of Bogazici University, explains the extent of the provocation. This action, in which the "look down" manipulation was formed also, was forced by the HDP-PKK to confront the student against the police against the ban of the governorship. From the beginning to the end of the action, HDP MPs are there, and demonstrating the provocation plan step by step. The demand of Bogazici University students for the election of the rector, which emerged on a just and democratic ground, was deviated from its purpose and started to be used for the sake of America's colored revolution scenarios. It is not enough that the basis of the action is just, the form of the action must also be right. The ground for action has been shifted systematically

We challenge those who want to drag Turkey into chaos over the Boğaziçi University!

It is in vain for those whose necks are bowed to the USA to deceive the Turkish nation with fictional slogans and unspoken words.

The first condition of a democratic university is the elimination of terrorism. Where there is terror, there is no science, education and production. Where there is terror, there is destruction and provocation. The exact solution is obvious; if we want to eliminate terror connections, provocation attempts and Atlantic plans in universities, the universities should elect their own rector. Must not be given opportunities with false policies to the elements which are trying to drag Turkey and our universities into chaos. Any kind of provocation can easily be prevented. Should be given to the universities the authority to elect their own rector with an amendment that would be made in the parliament. Universities should choose their own rector. So that there would be no ground for provocations and the influence of terrorist organizations.



As Ataturkist Thought Community of Bogazici University, we respectfully announce to the public:

1. We strongly condemn the U.S. Department of State's announcement about Bogazici University recently. The voice of the U.S. saying as "We are watching with concern the events in Bogazici University", is an interference in the internal affairs of Turkey and an arrogant attempt to manipulate the legitimate struggle revealed in Bogazici University. We know this voice from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and the bombs that was dropped on the Turkish nation on July 15. The USA is an imperialist state that drags countries into internal conflicts under disguises like "democracy" and "human rights" and brings blood, cruelty, and tears to the world. The USA with its terrorist organization as PKK and FETO, which are committed to damage our homeland's integrity and the lives of our citizens, tries to take Turkey over and wants to drag Turkey into chaos on that purpose as takes aside.

2. The strongest principle of Turkish youth has always been the struggle against imperialism and full independence since the War of Independence to the construction of the Republic Revolution and the University Actions of 1968 until today. The first duty that our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk left to the youth is to protect the Turkish independence and Republic against imperialism and its internal elements. With such statements, the USA cannot create a sympathy for itself in the Turkish youth and in no way legitimate its imperialist interventionism. As Ataturkist Thought Community of Bogazici University, we call out to U.S. imperialists: Do not poke your noses into our university!

3. Our Bogazici University has been struggling with its students and academicians for more than a month to withdraw the rector appointment made on January 1, 2021, and to elect the university's rector by the university. At the point we have reached today, the results of insisting on this appointment decision against the democratic university principle are obvious. However, removing the struggle from the legitimate ground which is united everyone, and moving it outside the university created a problem. The issue has become the one trying to be used even by U.S. imperialists due to the intervention of the anti-Turkey political focuses which are affiliated with terrorist organizations to pull Bogazici's justified demands into their own orbit.

4. Bogazici University nationalized in 1971 with the support and struggle of the overwhelming majority of its students; democratic traditions, which encourages the development of all aspects of the student's campus culture and the pride of Turkey with outstanding achievements in science has become a science quarry. We are against the use of Bogazici University as a material for the interests of divisive and imperialist centers. We will not allow our democratic university demand to be drawn to an anti-Turkey line.

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